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You are loved ... let me remind you

As we come to a close of February, considered the "LOVE" Month - I was reflecting on the matchless love that I've been experiencing lately by my Heavenly Father Adonai.

Sometimes the vicissitudes of life can weigh me down, in mind, body, spirit and even soul, but uncle David in his book Psalm, the 102nd chapter, verse 2 encouraged me with these words - "Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits ..." I asked myself, what benefits have I enjoyed lately? I got a pen and my blessometer (harvest / answered prayers journal) out and started jotting down as many benefits I have received from God over the course of my life. You know what I discovered, in the recent 2 - 3 years, I've really benefited a lot from the grace, mercy and provision of God in my life.

I was believing God for help with debt cancellation, healing in my body, harvests for seeds I've sown many years go to burst forth and bud, the works of my hands to be blessed and most of all that my life would be a living example of answered prayer. Well, oh well, my God has been very faithful. Too faithful to fail!

There have been times I failed miserably, missed it, lost my place, was totally off track, even doubtful - but all in all and through it all, I kept my faith, even if it was a small as a mustard seed - the love of God evident in my life and demonstrated to me, caused my faith seeds to germinate. Can I just testify a little of the goodness of Jesus? here are some of my answered prayers in the past 4 months:

  1. 100% harvest for every seed planted

  2. Resources to keep my business afloat and pay off loans

  3. Clients - paying clients for my coaching program

  4. Escape from accidents - twice, God knows I don't need a car note

Bonus: Answered prayers for others I have been praying for and with - this was for me the best of them all - I was able to start our Prayer Call Line at my church, after about 1 year of waiting. Feedback was phenomenal.

When it's the right time, it will be right and the right people, situations and resources will show up in your life, right on time.

Trust me, I am a living witness!!


See, my desire is to see miracles, signs, wonders and marvelous things happen in our day, in my lifetime and through me. I feel so honored that God would call me friend and love me so unconditionally, His love is indeed matchless. It makes the hate that people have for me/you feel like nothing, and when His loves lives on the inside of me/you, we can love even when we don't feel so loved by others and ourselves.

So I wanted to share with you a lovely prayer with you today, to strengthen you to walk in love and charity as we prepare to March into a new month and spring forward!

sidebar: don't forget to turn your clocks forward

1 hour on 3/8 at 2 a.m.



  • Heavenly Father, I ask You for grace to walk in love and forgiveness all the days of my life. Help me to love like you and to forgive like you.

  • While I know that this may not be easy for me, Lord, I acknowledge the fact that it is possible, in Jesus name.

  • I pray today, O Lord, remind me if there is anyone I need to forgive in my past and move on, and also help me to forgive anyone who offends me in the future, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Father, forgive me for all the times I surrendered my mind to evil thoughts and my tongue to evil declarations. Forgive me for all the times I tried to seek revenge in my own ways.

  • Forgive me, Lord, for all the times I lied, gossiped, and rehearsed ceaselessly in my mind what was said or done to me, in Jesus name.

  • Today, Lord, I declare that I chose love and forgiveness. Holy Spirit, help me to be a medium through which God’s kind of love and forgiveness is seen in the world, in my home and in my community, in Jesus name.

  • O Lord, help me to be more patient with my spouse, with my children, and with others. Help me to be more tolerant, and help me to be more kind, even in the midst of hatred, in Jesus name.

  • Holy Spirit, help all of me to forgive people who have hurt me, and heal my emotions that have been wounded.

  • Teach me, Lord, how to love unconditionally, and remind me every day to use Your power on the inside of me to draw on Your help, comfort and peace at all times. I cannot do it on my own.

  • Help me to forget the past so that I can move forward to the future as I press toward the mark of my higher calling in Christ Jesus.

  • O Lord, I ask for forgiveness of all the damaging and hurtful words I have spoken about myself in the past and even today. I do not want to continue to abuse, deride and debase myself in such a way again. Renew my thoughts, refresh my memory and help me to understand and appreciate that You have made me in Your image and likeness - and I've been chosen, not abandoned.

  • Empower my attitudes and habits from now on, so that I use my tongue to speak faith, life, goodness, hope, love and favor upon my life, even in the midst of tribulations, in Jesus name.

  • Today, I speak to the root of anger, bitterness, strife and unforgiveness in my spirit to be destroyed, in Jesus name.

  • Father, restore to me whatever has been damaged in my life and family as a result of bitterness, anger, strife, unbelief, hurt, trials of life and unforgiveness in the past, in Jesus name.

  • O Lord, help me to love even my enemies or those who don't understand me and give me the grace to help them when they are in need, in Jesus name.

  • According to your words of comfort in Jeremiah 17:14

  • So, heal me O Lord, and I shall be healed. Restore me O Lord, and I shall be restored. Empower me LORD, and I shall be empowered, in the Mighty name of Jesus.

  • Father, through your love, You gave us your Son, who died for us, even while we were still sinners. So Lord, grant me the spirit of giving, cause me to be a giver at all times, and in all ways in Jesus name.

  • Show me how to launch out in and with love this year, even when it's difficult, and let me reap the benefits of unconditional love that makes my joy complete, unspeakable and full of glory, in Jesus Name - AMEN!

xoxo - Miss JelC Min. Juanita E. L. Cameron

PUSH PRAYER MOMENT - February, 2020


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