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5 Practical Ways To Access Supreme Provision

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

During monthly fasting and prayer, in October, the focus was on Access to Supreme Provision.

We have a High Priest who is touched by our feelings - yes, our every feeling. He is not removed from our desires to be blessed and guess what? He wants to meet those needs by giving us Access to Supreme Provision.

What does Accessing Supreme Provision really mean?

To better understand, we need to define the key words: Access, Supreme and Provision.

Let's examine the KJV Dictionary Definitions:


ACCESS', n. L. accessus, from accedo.

1. A coming to; near approach; admittance; admission, as to gain access to a prince.

2. Approach, or the way by which a thing may be approached; as, the access is by a neck of land.

3. Means of approach; liberty to approach; implying previous obstacles.

By whom also we have access by faith. Rom. v.

4. Admission to sexual intercourse.

During coverture, access of the husband shall be presumed, unless the contrary be shown.

5. Addition; increase by something added; as an access of territory; but in this sense accession is more generally used.

6. The return of a fit or paroxysm of disease, or fever. In this sense accession is generally used.


SUPRE'ME, a. L. supremus, from supra.

1. Highest in authority; holding the highest place in government or power. In the United States, the congress is supreme in regulating commerce and in making war and peace. The parliament of Great Britain is supreme in legislation; but the king is supreme in the administration of the government. In the universe, God only is the supreme ruler and judge. His commands are supreme, and binding on all his creatures.

2. Highest, greatest or most excellent; as supreme love; supreme glory; supreme degree.

3. It is sometimes used in a bad sense; as supreme folly or baseness, folly or baseness carried to the utmost extent. A bad use of the word.



PROVI'SION, n. s as z. L. provisio, provideo.

1. The act of providing or making previous preparation.

2. Things provided; preparation; measures taken beforehand, either for security, defense or attack, or for the supply of wants. We make provision to defend ourselves form enemies; we make provision for war; we make provision for a voyage or for erecting a building; we make provision for the support of the poor. Government makes provision for its friends.

3. Stores provided; stock; as provision of victuals; provision of materials.

4. Victuals; food; provender; all manner of eatables for man and beast; as provisions for the table or for the family; provisions for an army.

5. Previous stipulation; terms or agreement made, or measures taken for a future exigency.

What then is Accessing Supreme Provision?

It is experiencing out of this world favor, preferential treatment, and breakthroughs for the abundant life, prosperity and possession from the ultimate Provider - The Vine, whilst you are on earth and for the generations to come after you.

How then do we access supreme provision?

This is done through regeneration by having a relationship with and remaining connected to Jesus Christ - no one gives access to someone without a relationship or connection. So, in other words we need to:

  1. Abide in God

  2. Allow Him to remain in you

  3. Hide God's word in our heart and abiding by it

  4. Ask with confidence using God's word for what we want

  5. Believe that it will be given to us when we ask according to His word

Do you really need Access to Supreme Provision though? I know I do.

Here are 8 areas where one needs to Access Supreme Provision:

  1. Health and wholeness

  2. Finances and Wealth

  3. Jobs and Careers

  4. Business and Works of The hands

  5. Visions and Dreams

  6. Outreach and Ministry

  7. National and International Relief

  8. The Family - husband, wife, children, next generation

Get ready to access supreme provision through the prayer of repentance and consecration:

[If you don't have a connection with God or need to reconnect with Him, say this simple prayer by faith, believing that God hears you and will receive your confessions]

Heavenly Father, I confess I am a sinner in need of saving from a life of disconnection, lack and sin. So, in the name of Jesus, I ask for Your merciful forgive of my sins, recreate my life and save me. Lead me from the paths of sin to repentance and humility, as I trust in Your Word and promises. Protect me Abba Father and give me boldness of faith to stand up against the assaults of the devil and this evil world. I believe in You and thank you for living in my life from now onward. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Now let's approach God boldly in prayer for Access to Supreme Provision ...

Individual Prayer Points for Accessing Supreme Provision (by oneself)

Read the scripture per each prayer point, repeat the prayer point for each of the areas mentioned above.

  1. Lord give me access to You  - Hebrews 4:14-15

  2. Lord give me Your supreme provision in (list the areas or use areas not listed) - John 15:4-7

  3. Give thanks for Supreme Provision and command your breakthrough to locate you now - Psalm 35:27; Matthew 7:8-11

Corporate Prayer Points for Accessing Supreme Provision (with others)

Read the scripture per each prayer point, repeat the prayer point for each of the areas mentioned above.

  1. Lord give us (family, church, nation and businesses) access to You  - Hebrews 4:14-15

  2. Lord give us Your supreme provision in (list the areas or use areas not listed) - John 15:4-7

  3. Give thanks for Supreme Provision and command supernatural breakthroughs to locate us as a body and nation now - Psalm 35:27; Matthew 7:8-11

Declaration of Supreme Provision and Favor by Dr. Bill Winston

  1. In the Name of Jesus, I decree from this moment forward, I see myself the way God sees me. I am highly favored of the Lord. I am crowned with glory and honor. I am the righteousness of God in Christ and reigning as a King in life through the one man Jesus Christ the Messiah. 

  2. In Jesus’ Name, I declare by faith that I walk in divine favor. I have preferential treatment, supernatural increase, restoration, increased assets, great victories, recognition, prominence, petitions granted, policies and rules changed and battles won I do not have to fight, all because of the Blessing and favor of God on my life.

  3. In Jesus’ Name, every morning when I arise, I expect divine favor to go before me and surround me as with a shield with good will and pleasures forevermore. Doors are now open for me that men say are impossible to open. No obstacle can stop me, and no hindrances can delay me.

  4. In Jesus’ Name, I am honored by my Father, as I receive genuine favor that comes directly from Him. I am special to Him. I am the object of His affection. I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


Fasting & Prayer at LHMI

xoxo - Miss JelC

Juanita E. L. Cameron

aka Minister J


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