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Don't Lose Hope

Why Give Up When There's Still Hope?

a chance is still a chance, for a chance at life -- @Miss JelC


Babies fall (fail) many times when trying to walk for the first time. Sometimes we grow up and forget that even as adults, baby steps are still okay. Each baby, no matter how many times he/she fails at walking, still keeps trying. The young shall lead them ... lol ... indeed, then let's learn from these wobblers. Wobble until you can walk. Walk into your dream job, walk into your dream home, walk down the isle to your dream spouse, walk across the stage to your dream career, walk into your dream nursery for the little one on the way - you will walk even if you have to wobble to get there.

Don't let life walk all over you, dust yourself off after that failed job interview, wobble back to the drawing board and practice, invest in a career coach (psst, I can assist you) till your wobble becomes a confident walk. The last NO was just a chance for a Next Opportunity, that won't be the first NO and it won't be the only NO, but it definitely can be the final NO.

In my video below, I share some tips for overcoming failure and the blues that follow:: ENJOY!


Regardless of what life or others fling at me, I earned my thorns and cannot be trampled upon. So don't despise the thorns in your life, they have a purpose - to strengthen, protect, and create awareness of what a ROSE you are.

Today, join me, let's see ourselves and situations that arise through new lenses - say this in the mirror --> I (insert name) was designed by the best Gardener of all, to be a ...




Every day

From a Rose to a Rose ...

Miss JelC

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