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Manifest Overflowing Joy

Updated: Mar 7

Gratitude is very important and critical to our mental, emotional and spiritual existence. The words we say can bring life or death to those who hear them, and that includes ourselves. Speak (proclaim) words of what you want to see become reality in your life. Keep reading, I want to share 5 ways you can manifest overflowing joy in your life through prayer proclamations.

Each month, at my home church Lighthouse Ministries International, we go through a period of 3 days corporate consecrated fasting, a time for seeking God and sacrificing a privilege or pleasure of physical food to fee our spirit being with spiritual food. For the month of May our theme has been "Overflowing joy" ... it is our portion, it is our lot, it is our inheritance and at every turn we will experience joy despite what life may fling at us. Oh boy did life try it this month, but we prayed, praised, pronounced and proclaimed ... literally prophesied our way into seasons of joy resting confidently on Isaiah 35:1-10.

God made a special roadway for us to walk on to the get out on the other side with joy ... so I wanted to share with you the THANKSGIVING version of the proclamations I prayed at our church.

Listen 👂 the testimonies are great too ... I was particularly encouraged by the woman who by faith declared in 3 days her joy will be complete in a new job and it happened; I rejoiced with the momma who's son is detained and we have been praying that her joy as a mom will not be denied and her son will be free, has testified that God is hearing her, they cannot find anything and he's on his way out of detention; I rejoice with the wife standing in the gap for her husband going through major medical challenges and she's able to have moments of joy and assurance that God is still able; I also testify that God is faithful in keeping His word to delivery and set me free from every evil arrow sent to impede my progress, I continue to amaze my doctors.

It's a season of rewriting my story ... and one day, I'll share it with you. Until then, I invite you to PUSH along with me if you have the faith to believe with me, God is bringing a sudden good breakthrough for me and I pray the same for you. God is able to do soooo much more than we can even imagine, if only we believe!

So, as we close out May 2023, let's use our weapon: The Tongue to bless and proclaim that which we desire to see manifested in the earth from the Heavenly realms.

WAIT ✋️ WAIT ✋️ ... first things first

Just in case you don't know Jesus, the One in whose name and upon whose power we invoke, will you invite His spirit into your life?

Pray this:

DearJesus, I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. Help me to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. AMEN.


Welcome to the family of God. Write me and let's connect, I'd be glad to support you on this new journey.

Now, let's activate our voices and make proclamations (decrees of what we want manifested based on the promises of God through Jesus) with thanksgiving.


by Juanita E. L. Cameron

1. Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing us through the month of May. We give you praise for keeping us safe until this day and for the rest of this year - be praised and magnified forever in Jesus' name.

2. Abba Father, thank You for not allowing battles that we faced from this month to defeat us. Thanks for keeping us from succumbing to attacks of the enemy.

Thank You for working in our lives individually and collectively to bring us complete recovery, victory and OVERFLOWING JOY, in Jesus' name.

3. From this month’s fasting and prayer, we decreed and declared that we and our mothers blossom abundantly, and rejoice with joy and singing, and today wr are glad that mothers’ beauty and glory will be as great as of those valuable trees which were brought and planted around the temple at Lebanon.

We continue to proclaim that the majesty of [Mount] Carmel and [the plain] of Sharon shall be evidenced among us at Lighthouse Ministries International, we will see the glory of the Lord, and dwell in the majesty and splendor of our God.

4. Even as May ends, give us the grace to continue to be totally surrendered to You O LORD. Guide us through Your Holy Spirit to remember and follow-through on everything You have said to us in Your Word, from moments of fasting and prayer, from the teachings we received from our Shepherd, from personal time spent in worship and from what You’ve conceived inside of us that we need to obey, in Jesus name.

Teach us how to receive answers to all our prayers, give us moments of selah, enable us to continue to persevere in prayer and contend for our faith so we will have victory over any present circumstances confronting us, in Jesus name.

5. Let this month of grace, indeed be a catalyst for outbursts of entering ZION (LHMI or insert your church / family's name) with singing; and everlasting joy crown our heads.

Holy Spirit, let gladness and joy overflow and overtake each one us from the youngest to the oldest person here onward; and causing sorrow and sighing to flee away as the month ends without carryover.


SAY WITH ME ... Prophetic Declarations

Complete in us what you've started in the remaining 7 months of 2023:

  1. Bless us Oh God

  2. Bless Your church

  3. Bless us to blossom abundantly

  4. Bless our mothers and expecting mothers

  5. Bless our families

  6. Bless our investments and let our vats overflow

  7. Bless us with good health and wholeness

  8. Bless our charity

  9. Bless our nation and nations of birth

  10. Bless us with OVERFLOWING JOY, peace, gladness and opened heavens of provision

  11. Bless us indeed and enlarge our territories

  12. Bless us when we go out and when we come in

  13. Bless us when we sleep and when we rise

  14. Bless us to lead fulfilling single lives

  15. Bless us with joyful marriages

  16. Bless us to enjoy ripe good old age

  17. Bless our bloodlines and get glory from us

  18. We bless Your Name Yahweh and bless You for blessing us

Much love, grace and peace,

Juanita E. L. Cameron 🌹

xoxo - Miss JelC


I'd be be glad to hear from you, so feel free to share your testimonies and prayer requests with me, I'd love to support you in Prayer and celebrate you as you BLOOM!


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