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And just like that it's December 💨

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Hello 👋 ... in a few days it's CHRISTmas day yayyyy, I love Christmas Season ... it's my best holiday season. I get to enjoy nice cultural foods, music and time with family and join the rest of the world to celebrate The Savior's Birthday in one big global party.

So let me wish you a very merry ...

©️Juanita E.L. Cameron

And like time that waits on no one, just after Christmas festivities, in another few days, we'll be singing and shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!! WOW where did the time go?!

I have questions:

1️⃣ How are you coming along with your 2023 goals?

2️⃣ How has 2023 treated you?

3️⃣What are you anticipating for 2024?

4️⃣Did you fulfill all your resolutions?

5️⃣Did you even have resolutions?

6️⃣What's the one thing you wish would different at the beginning of 2023 that actually happened?

So many questions run through my mind ... and it seems like time is just racing 🏁. Sheesh, slow down a little, take your "time" time ... 😆 🤣 😂 I feel like this year's 4th quarter snuck up on me and I've been playing catch up. Truth be told, I have ticked off many things off my "wishlist" and I am grateful. In the midst of all the filled schedules, overbooked calendar and sometimes overwhelming daily agenda, coupled with major attacks on my health [my testimony's loading in another blog], God has shown Himself faithful to me and continues to. It's a God-First mindset for me, after all I am holding Him to His word (Luke 1:37 - His words will never fail - nothing's impossible with Him) ...


So I still ANTICIPATE great things before the end of 2023 and look forward with hope for an even greater 2024.

An intentional attitude of gratitude -keeping my tank (mind, spirit and soul) full of Thanksgiving and extending my faith by adding works have been 2 secret strategies for me thriving this year. It's been a rather demanding 2023 and I am grateful God saw it fit to trust me with the various assignments He gave me.

Some assignments stretched me, some made me cry, others made me extremely happy, and a few I wish I didn't have to carry out - I've even said, Lord let this cup pass me (I'm human after all, not perfect). Nevertheless, I have a Helper - The Holy Spirit and a really good buddy Jesus, whose examples I try to follow, I always come back to, not my will but Yours, and through ALL of the assignments, I grew in one way or another and developed capacity for my next level of lifting.

Apostle Paul's affirmation found in the book of Colossians chapter 3, verses 17 and 24 have become part of my daily mantra from December 18, 2019 until now, in such a real way. It keeps me grounded in faith, hope, trust, love and resolve to keep thriving.

Here's a tool I use and I'm sharing it with you in preparation to close out 2023 and ring in 2024.

©️ Juanita E. L. Cameron

No matter what ... keep pushing for your breakthroughs, it's a season for divine favor and open doors 🚪 May everything that was shut or locked up from January to now that is rightfully yours, be released into your life, right now in Jesus Name.

I declare victory and supernatural breakthroughs for you, your household and loved ones.

God bless you, favor you and keep you.

Much love, grace and peace,

Juanita E. L. Cameron 🌹

xoxo - Miss JelC


I'd be be glad to hear from you, so feel free to share your testimonies and prayer requests with me, I'd love to support you in Prayer and celebrate you as you BLOOM!


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