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8 Easy Ways to Encourage Yourself During Tough Times

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It's my Birthday Month = Time for a FRESH START and BRAND NEW BEGINNING … Lord knows, it’s been a grueling 2 years .... sheesh, someone wake me up from this nightmare, please!

How have you been handling all the changes the world has gone through? Sometimes I am just amazed when I think of all that we have endured during the pandemic and are are living to tell the story. Now what’s this monkeypox story? Listen, may you and I escape this time with good health and strength in Jesus Name.

Here are some easy ways to motivate yourself, I tried them and they worked for me:

I deal with stress head-on.

  • I calm down by taking deep breaths. I practice self-care activities. I listen to soft instrumental music or take a warm bath. Believe me it works. The time I take to practices some selfcare really is a worthy investment towards extending my life and easing stress. I tend to lead a very busy life, that has, in the recent years caused me to deviate from my usual TAP OUT (self-care) routines every 21st of the month.

I ask for help.

  • I talk to my family and friends about how I'm feeling. They validate what I'm going through and help me come up with good ways to deal with it. I feel cared for and loved. About a year ago, around this time (April) I got a diagnosis from the doctor about my vision that wasn't greatest, and to say the least, it was very discouraging. If you know me, and how progressive I am, you'd understand fully well when I say my eyes are extremely important to my livelihood. So now, I am more intentional about what tasks I take on and ask for help more, so that I lessen the load upon my shoulders.

I get creative.

  • Making art helps me see things more clearly and gives me a wider view of things. When I paint landscapes or make board handcrafted jewelry, I feel calmer and more sure of myself, that I am thriving. When I had to close my art studio due to the pandemic and pack everything into storage last August, that was tough, to say I didn't feel discouraged would be a lie. Being creative without my creative space caused me

I adapt to changing circumstances.

  • I try to find answers, or ride out the situation keeping a positive mindset, and with prayer that I can get through this season. The last 3 years has really taught me a lot about adapting, shifting, adjusting and pivoting. I learned some hard lessons trying to do things the same old ways. Change more than anything is very consistent. Even if it rains on my birthday or I have to replace my cellphone or plans didn't go as they were planned, I can still enjoy life or savor moments by shifting my thoughts, emotions and spirit.

I spend time in prayer and meditation daily.

  • PRAYER has become such a major part of my life and that’s a major part of my upcoming book - Affirmations, Meditations and Inspirations. In really trying times, prayer has been and continues to be my most potent weapon against the war my destiny. Tough times really do strengthen my spiritual resilience and gives me the needed grace to try again or overcome that trying time.

I think positive thoughts towards myself.

  • It gets easy to doubt one's self especially when dreams seem delayed or like all the goals you set are still majorly out of reach. To help me overcome good-thoughts snatchers is GRATITUDE. I write down all the things I'm thankful for. I have a talk with myself. I find things that make me laugh and smile.

I help people.

  • When I see what's going on in hospitals and food banks, my own problems don't seem so bad. Giving makes me happier and closer to other people. I enjoy serving others in my community at my church's international food pantry - The Bread Of Life Distribution Pantry aka BOLD Pantry. Learn more about them at

I am kind and compassionate to myself.

  • Taking care of my physical and mental health makes me more strong. I walk a lot now and have been eating healthier foods. Still working on more sleep, I find as I grow in age, a good sleep is becoming extremely important thing to me. I find myself taking breaks during the day to rest and re-energize, you'd be amazed what a power nap could do for the adult brain.

These are some easy tools I have employed especially over the last 3 to 4 years. In so many ways they helped me cope with immense loss, the lockdown, post-pandemic hardship and tough times.

Here is my AFFIRMATION that has helped me to stay motivated and I thought it would inspire you:

Today, I keep going even when things get hard. I'm strong and full of hope. Challenges strengthen me.

Questions for self-reflection:

Using a notebook, answer the following ...

1. How can writing in a journal help you deal with difficult days?

2. Why is it important to pay attention to how you feel?

3. What advice would you give a friend who is having a hard time?

4. How can you be strengthened by difficulty situations?

Much love, grace and peace,

Juanita E. L. Cameron 🌹

xoxo - Miss JelC


As always, feel free to share your testimonies and prayer requests with me, I'd love to support you in Prayer and celebrate you as you BLOOM!

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