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GO FORTH - Welcome to August 2020

Wow, this year has been sailing on a rough sea for months and desire for calm just keep on increasing. [Breathe]

Well, so many of us have had to deal with great disappointments, cancelations, losses, setbacks in plans and some even sickness - 😞 - but through it all, if you are able to read this today, you're still standing. As we approach this new month, let's GO FORTH with COURAGE, STRENGTH, HOPE, FAITH, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, ASSURANCE, and BOLDNESS - for God is still with us. He is our ADONAI - Master of everything and The Controller of the Universe; He will take care of us as we stay yielded to Him.

Receive a virtual embrace to encourage you as you LAUNCH OUT & BEGIN AGAIN 🙏🏽


This month, this week, today

may I be inspired to GO FORTH.

In any situation that has me frustrated, Lord let me suddenly see the opportunities being presented.

May the end of a road become the beginning of something good and greater. May I be blessed with optimism to see possibilities where previously I've only seen problems. Give me the wisdom to know what to pursue and what to let go, O Lord. In Jesus Name, I have total peace in my choices and decisions. Above all, may I love and be loved. Amen! God bless you! xoxo Miss JelC

You can feel free to repost it or even save it and pray it each week for the next 4 weeks as you GO FORTH in August.

Much love, grace and peace,

Juanita E. L. Cameron

xoxo - Miss JelC

Share your testimonies and prayer requests with me, I'd love to support you in Prayer and celebrate as you GO FORTH!


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