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Are you in need of restoration in your bloodline / family before 2022?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It’s the last homestretch for 2021… can you believe it?

We’re midway through December? My oh my how time flies. This week has been a victorious week of Fasting and Prayer setting the tone and direction for 2022.

Together with my home church: Lighthouse Ministries International, we fast 3 times per month and this 4th quarter, our theme was #EnoughIsEnough and December’s Focus is REJOICE FOR RESTORED BLOODLINE BLESSINGS, HONOR AND ORDER based on Psalm 51:1-12 and Romans 8:20-28

Do you feel like there are certain occurrences in your family history that just seem to happen over and over, like cycles / patterns from your great grandparents to your parents? Are these cycles good or bad? Listen, cycles / patterns aren’t all evil, there are good occurrences, just that sometimes the bad ones outdo the good. Well with this month’s #FastingAndPrayer we are rejoicing for the restoration of good cycles/patterns in our family legacy.

Here are some cycles/patterns that none of us really want to keep experiencing in our lives:

  1. Almost making it and another coming to take over / take your place

  2. Constantly feeling overlooked or having close people suddenly turn their backs on you for no apparent reason

  3. Never having enough money - living paycheck to paycheck, or barely making it.

  4. Children in your family line somehow seem to abandon parents and family at a certain age

  5. Addiction to porn, sex, anger, drunkenness, gambling, greed, or euphoric highs only to crash into depression, brokenness, loneliness and lack of success

  6. Delayed / difficult marriages

  7. Inability to keep or have long lasting successful relationships (personal, business, family etc.)

This list is far from exhausted, but I’ll stop there for now.

If you have experienced any of the above or in any feel that certain unpleasant situations keep happening to you over and over, then I am inviting you to join me in prayer for restoration of good patterns.

Are you ready to RECLAIM what rightfully belongs to our Bloodline? If you said yes, that’s the 1st step of acceptance that there needs to be some reclamation. Join me tonight LIVE at 8pm. Links below.

We have fasted for 3 days (today’s the last of the fasting for the Prayer Week) and tonight we convene to pray, praise and pronounce RESTORATION!

🔹Join us for NIGHT 3 Fasting & Prayer LIVE Stream (only)

- Wed. 12/15/2021 at 8pm with Min. Juanita Cameron on any of the streaming links: