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PUSH Prayer Moment: By Fire

By force by fire, PUSH me Lord to my promised destiny in the earth.

That is the cry of my heart and I pray it is yours also.

For this prayer moment, connect to the consuming fire of God to set you free from every possible "thing" within and without that has been or could hold back your prayers from being answered.

Let's look at some Biblical truths concerning fire and its power.

1st of all, fire is not only synonymous with hell or destruction ... there is more to fire than you think.

Here are some ways the concept of fire is used in the Bible:

  • Used for daily activities, such as cooking, keeping warm, giving light, or burning trash (Exodus 12:8; John 21:9, Isaiah 44:15; John 18:18), Isaiah 50:11; Matthew 25:1-13), Leviticus 8:17)

  • Used for refining metals, such as silver and gold (Numbers 31:22–23; Malachi 3:2–3)

  • Used to destroy enemy’s cities in war (Joshua 6:24; 8:8; 11:11; Judges 1:8; 1 Kings 9:16; Matthew 22:7)

  • Used as a means for executing sentenced criminals (Daniel 3; Genesis 38:24; Leviticus 20:14; 21:9; Joshua 7:15)

  • Used to burn sacrifices in the Temple (Leviticus 2:2; 6:8–13)

  • A manifestation of God’s presence: g., the burning bush, Mt. Sinai, the pillar of fire, God surrounded by fire ( Exodus 3:2, 12: 21, 19:18, Numbers 14:14, Ezekiel 1:27)

  • Used as punishment: g., Sodom and Gomorrah, disobedient priests, and enemies (Genesis 19:24, Leviticus 10:1-2, Revelation 20:9, Ezekiel 38:22; 39:6).

  • God’s present-day judgment is often symbolized as destruction by fire (Psalm 97:3; Isaiah 33:12; Joel 2:3; Micah 1:4)

  • God’s coming, and final judgment is depicted as fire (2 Thessalonians 1:7; Revelation 8:7-8, 9:17–18, 18:8)

  • Used for judging the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:20-40)

  • Fire is a beautiful picture of the work of the Holy Spirit. He brings God’s presence, God’s passion, and God’s purity (Matthew 3:11)

Credit: Better World Life

As you can see, God’s consuming fire has some very significant applications.

For this #PushPrayerMoment we will apply the fire of God a tool of judgment on the works of the wicked and use it as an instrument of purification. This is why:

  • As a tool of judgment on the works of the wicked, we shall claim our freedom from all forms of demonic harassments by fire – That is called Deliverance by Fire.

  • As an instrument of purification, we engage the fire of God to completely cleanse us, spiritually restore us, and for renewal.

So, are you ready to stop the devil in your life and family today?

Are you ready to say enough is enough to all forms of Satan-instigated threats against your marriage, children, finances, health, and divine purpose? Are you ready to claim God’s promises for your education, business, career, marriage, family and life?

Are you willing to Pray Until (you) See His promises fulfilled?

If you said yes to any of these questions above, the Let's Go ➡️➡️ Matthew 3:10-12 assures us of our purification and judgment of the wicked fighting against us: