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In Remembrance

It's Easter time ...

Many will go Easter egg hunting, cheer up the Easter bunny and all the pastel festivities that go with the season.

In reality though, while some feel it's a pagan celebration, as many other things we celebrate, for me it's more than that to me. It's a time to really pause and think, if Jesus didn't die, what would the world be like today? How many of us would be able to afford turtle doves or calves or lambs, the unblemished ones?

So it doesn't take Easter for me to remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, daily, I am reminded of this unconditional love -- I have life, I have another chance, I have purpose and a way out.

I cannot imagine my life without the time of year because of what it means to me. So this year, I just want to say publicly: 

Thank You For the cross ... though my sins were like scarlett, the power of the cross and the sacrifice of Jesus made me whole.

Join Me At The City - Lighthouse Ministries International as we recollect and celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Savior of The World - Jesus Christ.

Happy Good Friday

Happy Resurrection Sunday

XOXO - Miss JelC

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