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Consecrated As A Minister...

As the Lord need somebody, here am I, Lord, use me ...

those are the words that just keep floating around within me.

I am available and ready to lean upon Your instructions ...

The Holy Spirit, being my helper.

March 22, 2018 has taken on new meaning for me, while a baby may have been born, a brand new me was born. I am still amazed 2 days later and quite humbled that God would #choose me.

#CalledOut ... before I even knew it, God ordained it, long before I was even formed in my mother's womb and father's seed. I never saw this moment coming ... faithfully serving, celebrating and supporting all for the sake of Jesus Christ.

As a young(er) girl I always admired those men and women who answered the call to Ministry at Quarterly Conventions and I was happy for them, never wishing or wanting it for myself.

When I especially looked, learned and observed my father in 40 plus years of ministry ... I have seen many Highs and lows as well, none prompting me to think or feel or imagine I'd like to do the same. It is a call and that is a call, I never expected.

I was content serving as I was ... but I guess when King Solomon said in Proverbs 19:21 ... many are my plans BUT it IS God's plans that prevails, He was indeed giving me some wisdom points.

Well, I always felt a little different ... set apart of sorts and shielded, perhaps like Ruth... oh boy, I must be special to You Abba Father to be #Chosen to carry the mantle on. Woe!

Even I haven't fully come to grips yet with the nerves that are firing all over inside me ... Holy Spirit Be My Helper all the way ... as long as I have breath!!

I feel especially honored and privileged to be serving not just God, His church and in His Kingdom, along with my parents but also along side my siblings. What a godly legacy!!

God Is Able -- To Do!

I'm Available Lord!! Here Am I ... send me!!

Holy Consecration Day "MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL" Lay Pastor/Preacher Juanita E. L. Cameron March 22, 2018

Lighthouse Ministries International

Beltsville, Maryland USA Photo credit: Trevor Brown

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xoxox - Miss JelC

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