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What's in your closet?

There are many types of garments people can wear; and most times, based on someone's garment you can identify him or her. Similarly, we have some spiritual garments that carry supernatural power and when the enemy sees us dressed up, he knows based on our spiritual garments what type of battle it is. 

So, what garments are in your spiritual closet? Are they Garments of worry, fear, concern, desperation, jealousy, envy and hate, rage, distrust, betrayal, pride, laziness, lack, procrastination, shame, rejection - WHAT'S IN YOUR CLOSET?

If any of those garments [which are like our marks of identity, what is shown and demonstrated by our daily life style, behavior, speech and even association] are in your closet, today, I'd like to help you get rid of those "old clothes" and put on some fresh ones and stock up on these garments of:

Prayer and Praise








Distinction, Favor and prosperity

Good health

Today and for the month of March, we will wear our garment #6. God said, He has given us all authority (Luke 10:19) ... so we will wear our authority daily, not to lord it over anyone other than the devil and his agents, in Jesus Name. 

With our garment of authority on, we will call forth all our Lazarus -- commanding all the grave clothing to be removed and fresh garments of life to be put on.

Here is your spiritual make-over ...

First Things First: Confession Time

One of the first ways of dealing with "stuff" in our lives, that cause us to experience unhealthy patterns of failure is acknowledging there is a problem, secondly, identifying the root cause and thirdly accepting that there is a problem and we need help. So we are going to confess (acknowledge and identify) to our Designer (God) the issues we have with our existing garments an