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Cross Over Without Carry Over

Moments of Reflection and Projection...

Enjoying some New Year's Eve Moments as I stroll down the home stretch to the close out and final moments of 2017 with my beloved parents.  Cross Over Without Any Carry Over ... start afresh! 

Philippians 4:13 -- you can do it, as long as God is your strength. He will help you OVERTURN I'm 2018 Ezekiels 21:27 ... just reach out and touch Him as He passes by.

TONIGHT instead of watching the ball drop or the clock strike Midnight to start my 2018, I am headed to Lighthouse Ministries International MD as we CROSS OVER INTO 2018, Unconstrained To Prosper. What is started with God, lasts ... START 2018 with God. #BeStillAndKnow that it's going to be GREATER!! 

More joy. 

More favor. 

More blessing. 

More love. 

More harvest. 

More healing. 

just #More ... 

Expect More, Believe More, Dream More!

Let faith be the fuel in your life for the journey ahead. 

Love always, Juanita E. L. Cameron xoxo - Miss JelC 

HAPPY NEW YEAR in 5..4..3..2..1

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