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Be Still ...

Like a mother waiting to give birth, my time of delivery has finally arrived and I am ready to release: 🎶🎶 Music That Frees vol.1 "BE STILL" 🎶🎶

Album Release 


December 10, 2017

1st at my home church and then in the evening at Grace United Methodist.

CD is $12, but will be $10 (cash only) at the concert.

Because I just want to spread the message of Freedom, there will be FREE a gift  accompanying each CD purchased.

There comes a time in one's life when you just have to silence the noise around you - career, inner thoughts, social media, running a business, serving in ministry, even taking care of others and just "BE STILL" and know that God is God and He will take care of you. After much anticipation, planning and simply just being still - waiting for the right time, the time has come for Music That Frees to be released into the atmosphere.

As you go through this life's journey, take a moment to "BE STILL" and know that God will carry you through! My time has come ... This is my story ... These are my songs ... Here's a preview of the Tracks On MTF vol. 1"Be Still" : 1. Be Still Intro - Psalm 46:10 2. Be Still 3. Sure Foundation - acoustic 4. Mercy 5. Jesus 6. I Will Trust You - cover  7. He Reigns 8. Be Still Reprise - Psalm 40:1-3 9. Blessed Assurance Bonus: A Very Merry Christmas Heavenly Praises:

Today, I'd like to give honor and glory first to Jesus Christ who is my "Sure Foundation" providing me with treasures of salvation, favor, calm, prosperity, good health and love. When the Lord impressed upon my heart "Music That Frees" I was excited to get going, but God had other plans for O never envisioned the storms that would have accompanied such a heavy duty responsibility. After all, how can one write or sing about freedom if not completely free.

Through the process of this project, God stripped me of me, showed me my dire need for mercy, pulled me out from many horrible pits - brokenness, downcast soul, abandonment and rejection, lack, struggle, low self-esteem, worry, uncertainty about my next move, shame, a wounded spirit - and HE Himself became my solid rock, my sure foundation, a rich store of salvation, wisdom, knowledge, favor, forgiveness, refreshing with a blessed assurance that JESUS IS MINE and I AM HIS. My soul became still for Jehovah God doesn't only reign on high, "He Reigns" in me... and has set me FREE to be the me He's designed me to be. Credits: How could I ever say thanks for a family unit that truly stays together no matter what? My beloved Parents - Rev. Dr. Oswen Cameron, PhD and Rev. Cora-Dian (Roxanne) Cameron - I Love You and I am grateful. You have always believed in me, encouraged me, prayed with me, sheltered me, guided me, even nurse me back to a healthy place, fed me spiritually and nutritionally (smiles) and here I am today, a product of your investment, a picture of God's grace, your prayers and love. I thank you. Adele and Phoebe, my sweet sisters - Thank You. When I thought that my music wasn't ready or may not be "all that" your assurance and true fanship encouraged me to continue believing in me. Your prayers, heavenly and unique voices, add sweet harmony to this album, I feel so blessed beyond measure to be your sister. Thank You Sissies - my BGVs 😚😙 To my big brother Brian Cameron, my producer and vocal guide, pitch corrector, musician extraordinaire Mr. Upwardbound Music... thank you for working with me on this project. It's been a long time coming, but to God be thr glory we have hit the road running. I pronounce a First Born Blessing upon you, that your music business and ministry will only be upward bound; that you will be a cut above the rest, never the tail, that God will pour into your hands riches beyond your comprehension for the least you have done unto me, you have done unto The Lord. Continue to "Be Still" surrender your plans to Jesus and allow Him to prosper your ways. To all the guys who stopped by over the period of time at Upwardbound Studio and added your musical touches -- THANK YOU. Lighthouse Ministries International, my home church forever and always, I am so blessed to be apart of this body of Christ. Thanks to the leadership, my fellow Elders and Lay Leaders, staff, volunteers, members, friends and affiliates ... your support has helped to fashion me into who I am today in Kingdom Ministry. And to you ... yes you reading this blog, THANK YOU. I pray that you will truly be free to be all you are meant to be ... just be still and KNOW that God is God ... He will see you through. xoxo - Miss JelC 

----- Join me at the Joy Of The Lord Pre-Christmas Benefit Concert

When: 12/10/2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm

Where: Grace United Methodist Church

Get tickets here for the concert.

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