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Let Love In ... 2Day

Y/day as I was lamenting before Jehovah Shamma and pouring my ❣out bit by bit, I made a choice to let love in. Even if Mr. Right For Me isn't quite here yet

God is love and His love never fails ... because of Him (love) I am here through the loving union of my father and mother. So in the weee hours of the morning, The Lord gave me a new look on love and an affirmation about me - love.

❤ Today I make a solemn vow to love me, in sickness and in health, to honor and to cherish me, to respect and uplift me, for better for worse for richer for not so rich, to never put me down and to have with and fun for me, now and Forever, always till death.❤

Because of love I am here - to love and to be loved; for God is love, I am loved and I am open for love.

So it's a Happy Valentine's Day to Me from Me.

©Juanita E. L. Cameron

Lady JelC🌹

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