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Psssst ... Guess what? I've a special announcement

It's been a moment since we last connected and that's changing - it's a new norm.

Talking about a new norm, sheesh, it's as if we have been playing catch up in the world after this covid-19 pandemic leveled the playing fields.

So much has been lost due to the prevailing pandemic - lives, businesses closed down, income cuts, insurance cancelled, food shortage; cost of living increased but wages haven't increased to commensurate with the rising costs; oh boy, need I go on? It's been bad, but thankfully I am a SURVIVOR of this covid-19 pandemic and will live to tell the tale for generations to come. I pray that you reading this blog will also.

Some very special things happened for me, despite the challenges of 2020 - closing my business brick and mortar location - that was very stressful; being locked down; being without health insurance and nervous about catching covid-19 and unable to go to the hospital; disappointments all around - God has been faithful and spared my life to see another year alive and well.

HIP HIP HOORAY ... It's the dawning of my own personal new year!

In a matter of weeks, I turn over a new leaf and enter another new year of life and a fresh start to fulfill destiny.

By the grace of God - really, it's only by His grace and mercy I am here, so I still have purpose to fulfill - I gave birth to an idea that was planted in me from 2014: ROSE LIFE ENRICHMENT ACADEMY and the first program is "Reclaiming Generational Blessings, Honor, & Order" through the Curse Breaker Squad program.

It's all about Breaking Generational Curses and Accessing Bloodline Blessings through prayer, fasting, meditation and affirmations in Jesus Name.

Join the Squad's Inspirational Channel today and be spurred on to activate your destiny.

Red, Prayer Blanket, with printed words: I am part of the Curse Breaker Squad, Reclaiming Generational Blessings, Honor and Order
Curse Breaker Squad Prayer Blanket

This month, brings the 3rd quarter of 2022 to an end, but it opens up to many more possibilities for the rest of this Double Blessings Year after 2 years of loss and hardship.

So, no matter where you are on accomplishing your dreams, on today ...

DECLARE YOURSELF loved, appreciated, celebrated, respected, healed & healthy, favored, honored and most definitely cared for by Abba Father.

It took me a moment, but I got here eventually and now more than ever I feel WORTHY OF MY DREAMS. Solomon, the wisest man to ever live wrote in his book Proverbs chapter 13 and verse 12 - hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but when desire comes (dreams come through) it is like a tree of life. A lot of dreams were deferred and hopes were dashed, but thank God desire comes.

Today, I want you to also feel worthy of your dreams.

Let's take action to implement this declaration by t