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It's Mid Year Already ... let me bless you!

Welcome to the latter greater half of 2021. Yes, you read correctly, I am here to announce that Divine Compensation is ours - what eluded us, that is rightfully ours, shall locate us in the latter 2021 - if only you believe.

I've really had to trust God, all of last year and even more this year, because all manner of uncertainties prevail around me, my family and my business, BUT God, He's an on time and faithful Lord. As I prayed in search for direction for the rest of this year, the Lord led me to the story of Isaac who had his rightful inheritance unjustly taken from him; but as Isaac obeyed God and followed all His instructions, the Lord caused him to receive Divine Compensation of lands, possessions, live stock and so much more. Go read Genesis 26.

This quarter, I encourage you to seek after God for what is rightfully yours and follow all the instructions He gives you. Here are some sharp and powerful prayer confessions to make during your time of deep meditation:

Join me LIVE online for Mid Year Fasting & Prayer on July 21, 2021 at Lighthouse Ministries International, 8pm (est). It's going to be a great time of prayer, praise and anointing - let's PUSH for our breakthroughs in Jesus Name.

Join the Monthly 3 Days Fasting & Prayer Mon. - Wed. July 19-21, 2021


Join the Prayer Call [425-585-7475] on Monday and Tuesday (only) at 8pm.

Tune in LIVE on Wednesday for Day 3 of Fasting & Prayer Stream at 8pm (there will be NO PRAYER CALL LINE) via any of the stream links:

Send Prayer Requests to and Praise Reports to by 6:30pm

Let's Push In Prayer!

Juanita Cameron

xo Miss JelC aka Minister J

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