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New Month's Declaration: July

Welcome To The New Month of July (11 days in) :)

It's the second half of 2018 -- WOW we made it this far still in one piece and with multiplied testimonies.

The theme the Lord impressed upon my heart for this month and to carry us through the remainder of this quarter is: DO IT AGAIN!

As I spent time in prayer and worship, all I hear is just simply pray that same prayer again and just be still. So before you set out to pray with me and declare over your July and the rest of this quarter, listen to this very powerful worship song by Elevation Worship.

All God wants is for you to have CONFIDENCE in Him that you are still in His hands and you'll see Him do it again!!!

Beloved, when ever you feel frustrated this month, like geee, it's half way into 2018 and I'm not seeing my way or the breakthroughs I've been believing for, come back here and listen to this song and pray these prayers. xoxo I'm here praying with you!


July Month's Prayer Points

  1. Wherever I go this month, may favor overshadow my life, in Jesus Name.

  2. This month, every power driving against me shall run mad, in Jesus Name.

  3. In this month, DO IT AGAIN, cause my Goliath to somersault and collapse dead in the Name of Jesus.

  4. This month, I serve the devil and his agents eviction notices – TIME UP for: his schemes; delays; discouragement tactics; his lies and deceptive traps; rejection; disfavor and abandonment; destruction of my joy; devastation of my present; theft of my happiness; frustration of my plans; unwelcome and unnecessary struggles with my finances; fear and distrust for The Lord God – Jehovah Ezer my Helper SHALL sustain me according to Psalm 55:22 "cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you" and Psalm 121 – ALL of my help comes from above – from The Lord who reigns on high.

  5. Lord speak for me and command the month of June to bring me breakthroughs in uncommon ways and divine uncommon open door harvests, for your eyes are upon me; I fear you, and my hope is in your unfailing love. You shall deliver me from death and keep me alive in spite of any challenge this month by divine direction.

  6. In this month of July, Oh Lord, keep deceitful tongues and arrogant boasters from among us that we may be considered as part of the restored remnant of Israel who trust in your Name and are helped. Do It Again for me, my family, my church, and this Nation -- in Jesus Name. Amen


I DECREE AND DECLARE My voice is powerful and my decrees shape nations. My prayers are anointed and your declarations shift circumstances. My family is increasing in hunger after God, and goodness and kindness are hunting them down as salvation knocks on their door. My family is walking in their God-given dreams and passions that lead to deep heart connection to their creator.

I DECREE AND DECLARE that I will flourish in THIS season and I will not delay allowing my heart to thrive and enjoy this season, starting from now. My maximum potential will rise and shine as I engage my heart in this month and for the remainder of this year.

I DECREE AND DECLARE that I will not allow the accuser to inhibit or destroy family connections, and I shall receive Jesus’ heart for those God has connected me to. I will operate in the fullness of what the Holy Spirit has made available for me to impact the world around me.

I DECREE AND DECLARE I am advancing and taking ground. I am moving forward with hope and activation of all the Lord has for me. I am increasing in wisdom. I receive grace and tell all shame and fear to go in Jesus Name. I receive forgiveness from Jesus and release forgiveness. I am released unto shame-free atmospheres and peace releasing words.

I DECREE AND DECLARE I am a warrior that wields the weapons of warfare with love, passion, faithfulness and boldness. I praise wholeheartedly, I pray persistently and I believe heaven is infusing the earth as I decree and is releasing God’s solutions for me. I am a decrier of heaven’s heart and I do not partner with division, fear or dishonor, for I choose to celebrate what God is doing, and will not doubt where I see lack.

I DECREE AND DECLARE impossible situations and circumstances surrender and turn around as I pray to the God of the-all-things-are possible and release life. No weapon formed against me shall proper and I am surrounded by heavenly hosts as I take ground and take faith steps into God dreams.

I DECREE AND DECLARE that God will do it again for me, as He has done before with past victories. I count ALL my blessings and look forward to greater blessings, because God will do it again for me.

Adapted into 1st Person Personalization from Rev. Kathy Kiuna (Instagram post 7.10.2018)



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God bless you this month and always,

XOXOX - Minister Juanita Cameron aka Miss JelC

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