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1/2 Year Declaration 2019 - Part 1 of 2

Confessions & Declarations for THE BEST (remainder) 2019 - PART 1

adapted from Apostle John Eckhardt 2019 Confessions

The best is STILL yet to come ... Thank you Abba Father that in the remaining months of 2019, I will walk in the best seasons of my life, so far. Today, I release my faith for the best for the rest of this year. My worst years, months, weeks and days are behind me. I serve the God of the best. My God is The Best, and He gives me the best. My God knows what is best for me and I shall have the BEST 2019. SAY WITH ME ... (and insert your name when confessing these declarations daily). 

For the rest of 2019, I decree and declare:

  1. I will live my best life.

  2. I will live and walk in excellence.

  3. I will pursue and desire what is excellent.

  4. I will approve things that are excellent.

  5. I will have an excellent spirit. (I do all things in excellence).

  6. Excellent glory will be upon my life.

  7. My God will do excellent things in my life.

  8. Heaven is releasing the best blessings over my life.

  9. My life shall overflow with the best.

  10. God’s ways are the best ways for my life.

  11. God’s plans are the best plans for my present & future.

  12. I will be willing and obedient and eat the best of the land.

  13. God chooses my inheritance and gives me the best.

I will have one of the best years of my life.(×4)

In Jesus Name,


p.s. Part 2 will be posted on Friday, 21st June just before Monthly Prayer Vigil at 10 p.m.


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