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I've been crushed ... but I'm becoming like fine wine 🍷

It's been a while, so I am dusting off my Blog and getting back into the routine of writing and sharing. Life's been very busy, but it's not excuse, I must make time for what's important. One of the things that's important to me is this blog - sharing and inspiring, but most of all leaving legacy nuggets that my children's children will read for many many years after I am long departed, pass my 120th year of life on earth.

I rejoice this year, especially, because after all the circumstances, crushing, disappointments and let downs, my family and I are still standing - to God be the glory. It was a wonderful moment when my sister Adele visited our homeland after so many years. She did us proud and I am really happy that she was able (for a change) to represent the family :).


So this year, I've challenged myself to read at least 10 books. To help me get started, I read my Dad's 1st published book "Don't Allow Your Circumstances To Constrain You" -- and can I just say, it's an awesome read.

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Not just because he's my Daddy, but because the words embody his life's experiences, coupled with the overcoming testimonial from the life of Ruth. She was definitely facing some rough circumstances that could have totally crushed her, but thanks be to God, she was able to rise above it, by launching out by faith.

I've been listening to Terri recently, Cheerleader of Dreams, and she said something that really hit the spot. Routine!!! ROUTINE!!! ROUTINE!! is one of the key components in the life of Successful People.

So my routine has updated and part of that includes increased reading. My reading list for this year comprise ls of authors such as: Oswen F. Cameron, TD Jakes, John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Daniel Okpara, Cindy Trimm, Rick Warren among other upcoming authors.

As I read and feed my mind's appetite for understanding and increased wisdom, as well as knowledge, I am so inspired by these recent additions. It's said (not exactly like this) - if you want to hide information from people, put it in a book. I refuse to be among "those people", so I read, learn and do my best to apply. Recently, like 3 years now, I've been feeling a little on the dull side and more recently, a little ineffective, out-of-focused and kind of in my own way. Order and structure are key elements of my routine that helped me to be who I am and keep me thriving successfully, so it is time to get in formation. These authors have all been through some form of crushing, circumstantial disadvantage, setback and journey to be where they are today -- if they could, then so can I.

What are you reading this year? Let me know, maybe we can share ideas.