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Happy New Month - June 2018

Uncommon Open Doors of Manifestations of The Holy Spirit: TIME UP!

Focus Scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:2,5,39-40; Zephaniah 3:9-20 and Psalm 33.

The Holy Spirit helps us to commune with God and reveals mysteries to us. We therefore must seek the indwelling of The Holy Spirit in our everyday life. We are all works in progress, in as much as we are under attack, so we have to change our Strategies and switch up our warfare tactical weapons.

Our weapons of warfare are not carnal, inclusive of but not limited to:

1. Helmet of Salvation - we must repent, be forgiven and saved from Sim and self

2. The Word of God - our sword

3. Absolute Faith in God - our shield and defense, for when we have faith, we please our Defender

4. A war cry or code language - tongues aka mysterious language and prophesy

5. Discernment - knowledge AND understanding of the devices, Strategies and tricks of the enemy and his agents

Let's gear up tonight and set the rest of the year in motion by completing this second quarter and first half of this year (2018) experiencing the various manifestations of The Holy Spirit: TIME UP!

So I want to lead us to pray in two parts.

First is thanksgiving, thanking God for bringing us this far, thanking Him for the testimonies that were shared based on last month's focus: Restful Confidence; now it's time for us to quicken ourselves and push back the forces of darkness trying to harass the people of God from moving forward in this year. We will do in the second part through the activation of the warfare weapon of speaking, declaring and prophesying. 1 Corinthians 14:2 shows us a secret weapon of speaking in the Spirit - the mysteries (inner cries of our heart and spirit) can be understood only by the Spirit of God. Then 1 Corinthians 14: 5 tells us the importance of prophecy and albeit the greater benefit we can experience when we prophesy (speaking to our future and setting the direction for our lives) to our situations, life, generations past, present and future to unfailing promises of God.

God is a good father who gives us only good gifts and the plan of the enemy is to make us shrink back, block our gifts or give up ... But TONIGHT we are serving the devil and his agents EVICTION notices = TIME UP!

So we will PRAY tonight with Psalms 33 (1st) and Zephaniah 3:9-20 (2nd).

Testimony: After studying 1 Corinthians 14 and Zephaniah 3 last week, I put in to practice what I learned. I spoke to a growth on my left upper eyelid, that was beginning to affect my eye and develop pus. Daily, and a couple times in the day, I would curse it, command it to dry up at the root, wither up and die restoring my original skin. I took some photos to track this testimony. My brother and sister witnessed me speaking to this unwelcome affliction (which could be a problem, lack of finances, troubled child, lack of child, need for help, closed doors, sickness etc.) with the Word as I sharpened my faith. Then by Friday, I said to worry, you will NOT overtake me, my faith shall remain steady, and I further challenged myself by giving this afflictive challenge a timeline.

Tonight, I am here with 2 testimonies: 1. God still hears and answers - my first prayer from this beginning of this year, was and still is for help from above to back me up with signs, wonders, mysteries uncovered accompanied by manifestations of the very things and practices I teach/pray/preach about to start with me.

2. By faith my answer of restoration from this affliction will come at the appointed time that I have given to it; was the second prayer request. If Elijah could say according to his word -- that happens only from a faith that is totally reliant on God; a confidence in God that He will not let His servant be put to shame as powerless; then so can I speak the word.