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A Time For Everything

Harvest Included ... 

I stepped out by faith, in crisis mode and sewed seed with expectations of supernatural harvests back in October last year. I've come to learn we cannot simply pray our way out of financial constraints, we give our way out. For in the principle of giving, God gives back more, pressed down, shaken, chacked together and overflowingly and guess what? So shall others pour also into your hands as well.

When I made up my mind like Daniel, in chapter 10:10-12, to humble myself, gain understanding and make my requests before God, by faith I believed He will answer and indeed, He sent answers. I obeyed the prompting of The Holy Spirit to basically empty my account, give to those in need and sow into good ground -- I was on assignment. Today and counting, I have been so blown away by the testimonies.  

God is truly faithful and I cannot tell it all, but here are some of the testimonies I received and mine included: 

1. 100 fold returns in finances

2. Debts cancelled

3. Checks in the mail -- it really is possible 

4. Fruit of the womb

5. Increases and promotions on the job

6. Cars

7. Marriage restoration

8. Release of tied up funds

9. Salvation of lost loved ones

10. School fees paid

11. Business restorations