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FAVOR -- that's my name

FAVOR -- that's my name, my lot, my inheritance, my due reward, my portion from #Yahweh

When God starts a season of favor into one's life, nothing can end it because He who begins a good work in me (you) is able to complete it ... and to be complete means maturity not ending [finality, no more, never again, that's it]. Now that kind of complete favor is what I desire, and it comes ONLY fr the One who knew me before I was even born. Psalm 139 #Yeshua #AbaFather #CONFESSWITHME 📣 I am wrapped up, tangled up, tied up, covered up, shielded up by/with/in #favor ... Thank God I'm Favored #TGIF [took on new meaning for me today] 🌹#RoseConfessions with #MissJelC🌹 #RoseLiving #RoseMovements #RoseLifeEnrichmentMoments 

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