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It's Okay to Talk About It ...

I was truly glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord today. Today was men's health awareness service, where our emphasis this year was on Mental Health & Wellness.


Talk about being led by The Holy Spirit into my own escape. The Lord truly orders our steps, for when I was choosing the theme for this year, I had no idea it would have such an impact on me. WOW!!

As I sat in the front row, taking in, soaking in, absorbing the message from Genesis 37 and taking copious notes, before the end of the message, I found myself fighting back tears. Wondering to myself, where was this type of help 11 years ago? or even 3 years ago?


13 statistics from several LifeWay Research studies that may help you better understand the issue of mental health and the church.

  1. 23 percent of pastors acknowledge they have personally struggled with a mental illness.

  2. 49 percent of pastors say they rarely or never speak to their congregation about mental illness.

  3. 27 percent of churches have a plan to assist families affected by mental illness.

  4. 65 percent of churchgoing family members of those with mental illness want their church to talk openly about mental illness.

  5. 59 percent of those actually suffering from mental illness say the same.

  6. 53 percent of churchgoers with mental illness say the church has been supportive.

  7. 76 percent of churchgoers say suicide is a problem that needs to be addressed in their community.

  8. 32 percent of churchgoers say a close acquaintance or family member has died by suicide.

  9. 80 percent of pastors say their church is equipped to assist someone who is threatening to take his or her own life.

  10. 92 percent of pastors say their church is equipped to care for the family that experiences the suicide of a loved one.

  11. 4 percent of churchgoers who lost a loved one to suicide say church leaders were aware of their loved one’s struggles.

  12. 68 percent of Americans feel they would be welcome in church if they were mentally ill.

  13. 35 percent of Americans say mental illness could be overcome with Bible study and prayer alone.

Credit: Fact & Trends by Lifeway | May 1, 2018

All I can say is, God is an on time God. In just one 2 hour Worship Service, my mental soul has been refreshed. The very concise, yet intriguing message by Dr. John Nixon, II "Enough To Drive You Crazy" exploring Biblical men who had enough happen to them to drive them totally bunkers - left a lasting impression in my memory. A new thought, a new memory, a new set of nerves were generated to help me process some rather traumatic experiences in my life. Like Joseph, Jacob, Joshua, Jonah, Jonathan and even Jabez, I, Juanita could have gone under, but a last my breakthrough it just one "TALK" away!

Music That Frees ... is not just a label I am trying to brand, it is an active testimony being unfold in my life of how God has really helped me to take CAPTIVE every thought and surrender them unto the obedience of God ... may this bless you and it blessed me.


No Temptation - cover

Min. Juanita E. L. Cameron and Lighthouse United Voices

(extracted from LIVE service on 9/23/2018)


Today, on this last day of the 1st month in the final quarter of 2018 - I rise again, a Radiant Overcomer who continues to Succeed Everyday, effortlessly. I am encouraged, I am spurred on, I am Helped! For God has promised me, that with every trial, battle or trouble in this life, He will make a way of escape for me. My time has come and I am escaping into a life of mental wholeness, wellness, healing and freedom from the memories of the past that held me captive for so long. For God is too faithful, to allow me to be defeated or tempted above what I am able to bear.

As the sermon was coming to a close and I started to write a little list of who or what I need to release from my mental space, I could no longer hold back the tears, so I slipped out the side stage door and took a breather. When I thought I had really let go of guilt, resentment, worked through disappointments, overcame shame and reproach, they were just laying dormant, waiting to be stirred up ... but thank God that patience had her work in me, to form my character under pressure.