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Corporate Fasting & Prayer: July 2019

It's Time To Pray ...

This month, The Lord has led me to do LIVE broadcasts leading up to Prayer Meeting Night, scheduled for Wednesday 17th July, 2019 at 7:30pm. Actually, it's been a long time coming, about 6 months to be precise, I just had to muster up enough courage to rise to the social media international platform. That in itself, is a testimony, another time I'll share.

The focus: I AM APPROVED came from a deposit into my spirit during our last month's prayer and fasting. It is our season for approval on all sides, in Jesus Name.

I invite you to join me each morning from Monday to Wednesday, as I spend time praying with those who have an ear and are willing to join me online.

Help me spread the word and also if you re-share, use the hashtag #iAmApproved on all social media, and I'll see it.

Prayer Focuses include :-

Day 1: I Am Approved for OVERFLOW (A.M.)

Day 2: I Am Approved for BREAKTHROUGH (A.M.) and (P.M.)

Day 3: I Am Approved for All Round Blessings In My Life (A.M.) and (P.M. will be at LHMI, it will not be streamed, per the church's policies)

View rebroadcasts of the Streams via Facebook.

Shall we pray?

If you missed any day, do not be disheartened, you can watch the rebroadcast that is still up on my social medial platforms: Rose Life Confessions and Juanita E. L. Cameron later, I will upload to YouTube (and update this blog with the hyperlink) so that more than just Facebook can access these blessings of Supernatural Approval.

xoxo - Miss JelC

Juanita E. L. Cameron

aka Minister J


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God bless you this month and always,

Min. Juanita E. L. Cameron


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