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Congratulations Class of 2019

About yesterday...

If I could do it all over again, I'd probably make difference choices for my career, but I cannot turn back the hands of time, instead I can make the most of the time I have. I choose, therefore, to bloom wherever I am planted.

Throughout my own academic journey, I remember struggling and pressing and striving for the best, sometimes to be met with failure -- organic chemistry was my sand paper, but with a resolve to shew myself approved, I finally conquered that thorn-in-the-flesh like obstacle and graduated from undergraduate studies. Today, I am so grateful for every thorn, they contributed to resilient R.O.S.E I have become, still budding and still blooming blossoms in spite of circumstances.

My oh my, how did I ever make it? I wonder sometimes. If it had not been for the grace of God, diligent dedication, and supportive family - you won't be reading about this today.


So, about yesterday, it was like a dream, at least for me, that has finally come through. Tasked with the responsibility to bring the keynote speech or charge to the Class of 2019 at the 12th Annual Graduates & Scholars Recognition Service for LHMI and L.I.F.E College, Saturday Night, I felt all types of emotions and nervousness, like I was about to defend my thesis again. Thank God for sending me the Holy Spirit - My Helper. As I studied over my speech, prefaced by a simple prayer,

"Lord, help me to speak what You want and use my life to reflect as a testimony. I am surrendered to Your will -- let me soar."

12th Annual Graduates Recognition Program

What many don't realize or know, is just how seriously nervous speaking makes me, especially at auspicious functions like graduations, where the mindsets of people can be influenced by the the things we say, or the astute minds analyze every sentence ... [sheesh] it's surely a highly emotional day. To God be the glory, though, for He helped me through it. I am humbled by the feedback.

As I think about the classes of 2019 around the world; some graduating from college, whilst others are being promoted in one way or the other to higher learning, I am reminded that we each have something to learn. May we never be without knowledge or the will power to act appropriately and accordingly upon the knowledge we gain.

Keep soaring ... you have what it takes to rise higher than your circumstances, if you would only seek understanding.


Here's my speech, recorded by my beloved mother who so proudly supports me and really motivates me to keep soaring. Enjoy and be blessed!!

Congratulations to everyone graduating this year

... well done. xoxo - Ms. JelC


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God bless you this month and always,

Min. Juanita E. L. Cameron


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