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Explorations of Uncommon Favor

Grace and peace to each reader.

May today find you favored and filled with grace to triumph.

This month, I am doing studies on Favor; what it means, how is it accessed, who received favor and became established for every good work, etc.

Our study approach is Inductive, this approach to understanding The Bible takes us through: Observation, Interpretation and Application.

I believe God's Word is true and carries many benefits when studied. In my research, study and preparation, I came up with these 10 benefits:

As we do our studies each week, I'll share with you - beloved subscribers - our take-away points. For this month of Double Uncommon Doors of Favor, these four (4) focal Scriptures will be the foundation for our Topical Study:

Last night, we looked at 10 and 1 bonus Bible Study methods, but for the purpose of this month's Topical Study, we will use only these two methods: