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Happy New Year 2018

A Very Blessed and Happy New Year 

to all The Roses 🌹 in the world. Overcome more in 2018 Radiate more blooms in 2018 Succeed more effortlessly in 2018

Praise God... 

I made it over in 2018. 

So long bye bye 2017. 

I press ahead to reach my goals.

A Very sobering message to start my #NewYear by Dr. Oswen Cameron. 

It got me thinking about my life's mantra and approaches for the year. See it below.

May I always choose Jesus this year FIRST so I can stand and watch Him elevate me.

Here are some 1st Moments into 2018

Never reduce yourself ... if it seems like you're not seeing results, increase your efforts. Do More! Seek God in all Ways and He will you. Are you doing more?

Fellowship More ...

Smile More ...

Inspire More ...

Support each other more ...

Embrace Self More ... 

Have wholesome Fun More ...

Glow More ...

Love More ...

Be Still More ... you have assurance 

We made it over without carry over.

Jehovah I thank You.

Abba Father I praise You.

Immanuel I surrender all.

I choose You - Yeshua.

Every Moment of the way in 2018.

Give Thanks More ...

Learn And Lead More...

In this #NewYear 2018 >> God bless you. CHOOSE JESUS everyday! 


See Everyday As An Opportunity To Receive Harvest and Treat Everything I do, Say And Think As A Seed. @missjelc

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