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What's The Why?

Far too many men have been subjected to ridicule, scorn, brokenness, rejection, neglect and even caused deep hurt by life and unfortunately some never recover or get over these blisters. As a woman, a Kingdom woman at that, I feel called to speak life, speak peace, speak grace and speak favor into the lives of men. This is no easy task, it takes a lot of humility and surrendering of the will to answer this call and fulfill this assignment.

For some time now, it has been on my heart to start to speak what I want to see manifested in the life of my future husband. You see, the version of one's self on display today is not going to be the same version days, weeks, months, years and even decades from now. Since words are of high value to me and the world was form by spoken words, it's become very important to me speak words of life and love to the legacy of myself and my future spouse. Today's words have the propensity to form tomorrow's world. Job said if we decree (speak) a thing it shall come to pass (manifest) and the light will shine on our paths (we'll succeed). So with each program, we set out to speak life into you now and your future self.


What's the How?

Each month, starting back in October 2020, weekly declarations are made to recognize, cheer and support Kings - calling forth their royalty from places of shame and disdain to spaces of honor and approval. It started as Instagram posts and one day a very bright idea was born - host a program to speak life to my future husband from now. February 2021 the 1st episode aired LIVE online for Valentine's Night honoring and celebrating 40 years married veterans - my parents. This program is designed to speak life, encouragement and positively influence monogamous relationships between man and woman as originally intended by the creator of marriage through the arts, inspirational and spiritual upliftment and practical tools shared by those who've walked the talk.


You see the version of the person you married today or will marry tomorrow, a few mornings from then won't be the same version... so through the experiences, insights and counsel of many who've walked this walk before, we learn how to speak into the future versions of our spouses and selves. 

When does it happen?

Aired monthly, on 2nd and/or 3rd Sunday Nights at 7:50pm (est) via:

Who's the host?  

Ms. Juanita E. L. Cameron aka Miss JelC

Connect on social media: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook @missjelc

Featured guests will also appear on the program as experts, testifiers, and encouragers.


We're updating and adding more content as we build - you don't want to miss out.

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