Embrace your thorns, live without regrets, be inspired, speak life daily, give to others and let's journey to greatness together. Sacrifice to Succeed ... and Survive to Strive - XOXO - JC

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1/2 Year Declaration 2019 - Part 1 of 2

Confessions & Declarations for THE BEST (remainder) 2019 - PART 1 adapted from Apostle John Eckhardt 2019 Confessions The best is STILL yet to come ... Thank you Abba Father that in the remaining months of 2019, I will walk in the best seasons of my life, so far. Today, I release my faith for the best for the rest of this year. My worst years, months, weeks and days are behind me. I serve the God of the best. My God is The Best, and He gives me the best. My God knows what is best for me and I shall have the BEST 2019. SAY WITH ME ... (and insert your name when confessing these declarations daily). For the rest of 2019, I decree and declare: I will live my best life. I will live and walk in

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