Embrace your thorns, live without regrets, be inspired, speak life daily, give to others and let's journey to greatness together. Sacrifice to Succeed ... and Survive to Strive - XOXO - JC

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Welcome to Prayer Moments for May 2019 --- we are approaching the mid-point of 2019 very quickly. WOW, where did the time go? This month I'd like to thank God for His grace to keep soaring higher. As we corporately fasted and prayed this month, at my home church - Lighthouse Ministries International, the Lord impressed the theme upon my heart to lead the Prayer Focus as "SOARING HIGHER WITH GRACE". See the Prayer points and declarations below: May Month’s Corporate Fasting & Prayer Points: 1.Father, thank You for your grace, mercies, goodness and loving kindness experienced this month. Thank You for multiplied testimonies of healing, breakthroughs, harvests and favor. To You be all the prais

I've been crushed ... but I'm becoming like fine wine 🍷

It's been a while, so I am dusting off my Blog and getting back into the routine of writing and sharing. Life's been very busy, but it's not excuse, I must make time for what's important. One of the things that's important to me is this blog - sharing and inspiring, but most of all leaving legacy nuggets that my children's children will read for many many years after I am long departed, pass my 120th year of life on earth. I rejoice this year, especially, because after all the circumstances, crushing, disappointments and let downs, my family and I are still standing - to God be the glory. It was a wonderful moment when my sister Adele visited our homeland after so many years. She did us prou

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