Embrace your thorns, live without regrets, be inspired, speak life daily, give to others and let's journey to greatness together. Sacrifice to Succeed ... and Survive to Strive - XOXO - JC

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Say N🚫 to worry & Anxiety - Happy February

It is the 6th day of the second month of the year already. Wow! Time, take your time. It was quite something, traveling back today, from going to FL to pay last respects to a dear mentor and retired man of the service, my uncle - Dr. Shelton Wood, Jr. Filled with emotions, sleep from the lack thereof, and just the sheer hastle to get a few bags off the belt at the airport in DC, I really just wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep. God had other plans 👌🏽 About 3 weeks or so ago, I convened my 1st Strategic Planning Seminar for 2019 (💃🏽 TGBTG) and I was priviledged to do so at my home church... as I was chatting with my sister and almost started to bug out, it all came back to me: A New Al

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