Embrace your thorns, live without regrets, be inspired, speak life daily, give to others and let's journey to greatness together. Sacrifice to Succeed ... and Survive to Strive - XOXO - JC

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Happy New Month: BEGIN AGAIN

O Lord reestablish open doors of uncommon proportions of goodness and happy satisfaction according to Psalm 1 for this month and the rest of 2018. Last month, we saw the Hand of The Lord “Do It Again” with testimonies of healing, answered prayers, documents that were held up released, denials turned into approvals, wickedness of evil doers exposed and put to shame instead, favor in the midst of storm, outpouring of gifts and a reaping of harvests … so many good reports that the ill reports of July do not outweigh the good God did again and again. As I was before the Lord seeking His face and voice for guidance for August; it seemed as though every possible thing could go wrong, distracting e

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